Perfectum, free horror game from Russia

Today I'm bringing you an awesome freeware that I found after a bit of research and I really would like to recommend it, it's hard nowadays to find something for free that comes out with such good graphics, powered, of course, by UDK engine. This is Perfectum, a game that on top of being terrifying by itself, its all veiled by a sense of mystery, in fact, it's even hard to find a working download link around the internet as the official site, apart from being completely in russian, seems to have all the links broken. The game has no plot and it puts you in a haunted house where you have to figure out a way to go through solving puzzles "Amnesia-style". Be prepared to jump off your chair quite a few times, Perfectum can scare you at anytime, screams out of nowhere, creepy apparitions and paranormal happenings fills the whole 15-20 minutes worth of gameplay. Unfortunately, (or maybe not) the game is entirely in russian and it will really take some good guesses to proceed in some points, in my opinion, though, it amplifies the horror experience!

Luckily, I also found a safe download link which is this one, click on the download button and wait a bit. Good luck brave player!


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