Montague's Mount, a story of isolation coming soon

What's up?
For this evening I have something really special in my backpack, in fact, I can already bet that most of you will completely remain intrigued by what you're going to read so, don't hesitate further and find out!  
Montague's Mount is a first person psychological adventure set in an unspecified past on an Irish island. Your ship has been torn apart by submerged rocks and from now on, you'll be struggling with the total desolation, is that island really uninhabited? will you ever find a way to escape? The only choice that appears to be viable is to slowly penetrate through the woods while praying to find the needed help. This adventure, that offers a gameplay slightly near to Frictional Games' Amnesia, is going to be divided in 3 episodes and the first one, is expected to come out this March. Right now, there's the possibility of pre-purchasing the game at the price of 9.74€ (a great way to save 25% off the final price) plus, Montague's Mount has been put on Steam Greenlight and it currently needs your votes. 

For more infos, gameplay videos (do check them!) and details on the pre-purchase, just go to Oh dear, another great game to track.


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