In Darkness, a first person survival on Android

Hello Android users, this post is for you!
While I was browsing Google Play almost certain of finding always the same games something caught my eyes, and yes, it was indeed a game that I've never heard of. In Darkness is a first person survival horror released by Simple Games Studio not a lot of time ago, it's currently priced at 1$ and I wouldn't wait a second before buying it! (assuming that you have a device among the newest ones). This game is a great combination of various genres such as strategy, puzzle, first person shooter and of course, horror. It's important to make clear that unlike the straightforward zombie games we generally deal with, In Darkness requires way more involvement in order to survive.
So, if it happens to have one spare buck, why not using it to buy a great game that, cosidering the price, definitely stands out the crowd?

Here's the Google Play Page!


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