Dream of the Blood Moon, a 3D freeware nightmare

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I've got something really interesting for you, and I also feel like the most of you may already know Dream of the Blood Moon, but, I consider it enough underground to actually be missing in someone's horror game's directory. So, there we go! The game was developed by TheUnbeholden using UDK engine and released, in the beginning of the past October. Dream of the Blood Moon tells the story of a nightmare that you really can't manage to wake up from, your dream takes place in a terrifying forest where there's just one task given: finding six tears that need to be brought to "someone's" tree. Whoever wrote the goal on that stone though, will almost immediately show up and, as you will notice, that sort of banshee haunting your sleep can be anything but friendly. Finding the six needed items is going to be tough, you'll need to be fast at solving the various puzzles, ready to run away from the threatening entity and cautious, because even though you're perfectly aware of being in a dream, dying will cause you to wake up for a handful of seconds, which are enough, to make you realize that what happens in the dream, is also damaging your armless real body lying on the bed.
If I should really say something bad about this game, it would be the lack of direction, in fact, there's nothing that shows you at least the initial path, and sadly, this issue can lead to minutes of walking before ending up on the edge of the map without having nothing to do. But I wouldn't be worried that much, this unpleasant event can happen just once, and the atmosphere combined with the creepy environmental sound effects won't even make you notice about the couple of minutes lost walking in the wrong way.

Get Dream of the Blood Moon for free on the official site, and good luck!
Oh, one last tip: don't die more than twice.


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