Bright in the Screen, a deliciously eerie flash game

Good morning fellows.
Today I'm going to be presenting a browser game that, like many others, appears to be a harmless 2D puzzle/platformer but after having played it, you'll end up by demanding for more. Bright in the Screen can't also be considered new but somehow, I managed to find this gem just a few hours ago, played it and loved it. The strength of this one certainly resides in the deeply scary soundtrack that has been chosen, you'd better be ready for anything since the very beginning or at least, this is what the creator wanted to make you feel like, Bright in the Screen is the real example of anxiety-inducing gameplay regardless of any kind of fancy graphics, that's why I like it even more. The game is played with the usual WASD keys, the mouse click to interact with the objects and apart from that, one simple task has been given: don't get caught by the freaks (as you can see from the picture above, they will most likely hurt you). Please keep in mind that this game will probably take you some time, unless you read a walkthrough written somewhere, I definitely found it hard in some points.

You can play Bright in the Screen directly in your browser by clicking here!



What is name of all soundtracks in the game?

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