52, what are you counting down for?

Hello everyone!
Today's game, which is also the first featured game of this year is going to be a "non-game", made by Adriaan de Jongh for the F**k This Jam game jam. 52 may look like a text adventure with no visuals and a really poor narrative, but as I just said, nothing looks like what it seem. This game can be played absolutely for free on your browser after having downloaded and installed the Unity Web Player and once you'll be ready to go, the question will be: "What should I expect?". As a matter of fact, the only thing you'll be required to do is to press a button as soon as the timer displayed on the screen runs out, shortly, a confused story will appear divided in some sentences per timer. I know that 52 will look boring, it indeed is, during the most part of the gameplay but I dare you anyway to reach the ending, the little time you've invested is going to be worth it. Can't spoil anything more as I would probably tell something that will ruin the "one-go" playthrough.

Play 52 here and have fun!


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