ZombieWarz, kill endless waves of zombies on your browser

What is up guys? It's 8 am and I just came home from Ljubljana, Slovenija. The concert where I've been was literally phenomenal and that's probably why I feel like writing a post, I'm simply too pumped to feel tired at the moment! So, I'll invest this hour into reviewing a free browser game that I was playing right before leaving yesterday.
This is ZombieWarz, a flash game developed with Unity 3D technology and released on the 8th of this month. ZombieWarz casts the player in a first person perspective of a guy armed initially with just a gun that will be replaced by a minigun and then a shotgun later on. The aim of the game is fairly simple, kill as many zombies as you can and this quest, can be pursued by roaming in a dark place, which reminds me of an abandoned factory, gathering ammos and by staying away from the various foes that will increase in number as the time passes. The game comes also with a side objective that I didn't understand its purpose but I'll certainly look into it. Oh and, don't even try to headshot enemies, it doesn't matter where you hit, just make sure to get them!

ZombieWarz can be played for free on: zombiewarz.com


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