The WarZ, first impressions

Hello everybody!
As I said yesterday night on my Twitter (follow me if you haven't done yet), I've just bought The alpha access to The WarZ and today, I'm here to write some considerations about it. But first of all, The WarZ is a survival MMO currently in playable alpha stage that will bring the player in a post apocalyptic world, after having joined a server, you'll be truly free of doing whatever you want. The WarZ ambitious project will hopefully create an extremely realistic survival experience where the character will feel hunger, thirst, needs of resting and apart from staying away from the zombies, will have to interact carefully with the other survivors because, well, how can you know that the player you're facing will be so kind to split his safe spot with you?
As I also already mentioned, the version I'm playing is still in alpha mode, there's only one map to play on, and it can all be subject of changes.

Now, I honestly think that The WarZ has the potential to become a very popular hit, the graphics and the environmental sound are excellent and it looks like already a solid game, however, there are a lot of things that I personally didn't like. I found the lack of hints for beginners and the poor explanation overall a bit annoying, I'm sure (more like, I'd like to be) that this is only because that's not what an alpha version is there for, right? On top of that, the free roaming in wide spaces can be definitely cool, but probably a bit tiring if it takes hours to get from point A to point B, which it would be alright if there was anything to do between the stated points. As a conclusion, the alpha players, I know that The WarZ is supposed to be a game about surviving, but it looks more like a "kill or be killed", well equipped players kill anyone at first sight, making the beginning really harsh.
Will definitely play further and provide more information as I go through every aspect of the gameplay so, stay tuned!

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