Grimind, a 2D horror platformer close to be released

What's up folks?
Today I'm coming back with a game that I'm sure you'll like as it is deeply inspired by Amnesia without, though, having nothing to do with the gameplay. In fact, yesterday I had the pleasure to try out the beta build of Grimind, a 2D horror platformer mainly focused on physics that will put the player in dark and scary surroundings, on top of that, you'll soon realize that Grimind isn't the usual linear platformer or, in other words, an "easy" game. You'll face obstacles that may not even look like something you can pass through but then again, solving  puzzles, performing skyhigh jumps and climbing lianas has never been this challenging!
On a more mechanical aspect, Grimind comes with 15 levels where, in each of them, the protagonist will talk and experience various feelings, bringing the player more into the storyline. And you, lover of jumpscares, don't worry, despite Grimind's 2D graphics this game will completely fulfill your needs of adrenaline, as a matter of fact, truly scary events happen when you don't expect them.
Please notice, this title is being entirely developed by a Polish student named Paweł Mogiła and after over 3 years of development he's going to release his very first project meant for the big audience, the game is going to be officially out on the 18th of December (which is in 4 days, yeah!) but you can also pre-purchase it in order to get the beta rightaway. Also, if you don't feel like spending money you can anyway help by voting for Grimind on the Steam Greenlight page.

Demo, screenshots and many other fancy things can be found on, take care!


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