Doorways, another survival horror to wait for!

Hello everyone!
Today's another of those days where I have to bookmark a new website in order to track a game that I don't really want to forget right after having seen the gameplay teaser (which is above here). I'm talking about Doorways, a new first person survival horror that is being developed by Saibot Studios, an indie studio based in Argentina. While everything about the mechanics can be still veiled, the truly impressive trailer shows already a lot of filthy things, from supernatural events, to tortured lifeless bodies; include extremely well made graphics and creepy environmental sounds and there you have it, the perfect formula of the survival horror. Doorways is going to be a continued fight with your deep fears, a journey between reality and imagination and, well, I literally can't wait to see more details about this project. On top of that, like almost every other latest game, there's a Steam Greenlight page in need of your votes, do me  a favor, take a couple of seconds to go there an click the big "Yes" button!

Keep an eye on their official site to be always up to date, take care!


Warner Carter

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Its finished and its on sale on Steam.
Pretty much one of the best (if not THE best) horror-game of the year O_O

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