Considerations on Game Mods

Good morning! or at least, by the time I was writing this update it was an uncommon sunny morning.
Yesterday night I decided that the content I was focusing on was still not enough, my original idea was to strictly write about scary games for computers, needless to say that it was impossible. As I continued to dig deep in search of new games, I discovered too many unrelated goodies that made Creepygaming becoming a multi-platform portal, without losing its main focus on PC gaming, of course.
So, today I'm basically announcing that from now on, you'll be finding even news related to mods that make scary games even scarier! along with Desura are making this trend a real fashion, we couldn't really ignore the popularity of enjoying different games having to buy the first one just once. Don't be upset, I know this is nothing like informative nor another game review, you should be glad that I will have even more to write right after having published this post.
Have a nice day!


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