A Walk In The Dark, platforming with a different perspective

Welcome back everybody!
Today I would really like to present a game recently released that reminds the creepiness of Limbo, but with a pretty original twist, I'd say. A Walk In The Dark is a platformer developed by Flying Turtle Software, it is priced at 6,50$ (5€) and I honestly think that it entirely deserves the price given. Have you ever seen a cat as the main and only character of a game? Then this is the first chance you have to play one, as you can also see from the picture, A Walk In The Dark is mainly focused on recreating a dangerous dark world and the physics are perfectly done to make you feel like the protagonist, a cat, performing long jumps, ignoring gravity for a while, everything is so fluid that you will probably end up thinking like a feline. The game comes also with a nice story that fortunately, adds a meaning to the gameplay (unlike the generic platformers): Arielle and her cat, Bast, went to the forest to have a pleasant walk, Bast, which has never been in a place as cool as this one, starts to play with everything ending up by walking a bit too far away from Arielle. Then something happens, the cat falls in a hole and a threatening, mysterious entity is somewhat reawakened. As Arielle comes by, that spirit runs to her and that is the last time you've heard Arielle, now it's all up to you!

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