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What's up folks? November is coming to an end so, what's better than promoting something in its very beginning stage? (I know, that doesn't make sense).
I'm talking about The Last Door, a horror point-and-click adventure that is being developed and needs your help on its kickstarter page right now. The funding campaign is going decently since it just broke the 1000 £ mark, however, in order to receive all these contributions, The Last Door needs to reach the strange 3852 £ amount before the 21st of December. The Last Door is going to be a freeware browser game with intentional minimalistic graphics so, as the developer said, "the player is forced to use the imagination to fill in the details", also, the game is going to be released in chapters adding new gameplay every once in a while. The whole experience is going to be enriched by classical music that takes its main inspiration from Chopin and, if you head to their Kickstarter's campaign, you can actually listen to a little preview. On top of that, it has been released a playable teaser that requires only to be registered on the official site, isn't this enough?

Have an inspirational look on, and remember to back them up if you like what you see!



The full first chapter 1 has been released few days ago. You can play it with a "pay-what-you-want" donation : )

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