The Intruder is getting close to the release date

Like always, every game like this gets me excited when there isn't anymore that much of waiting (even if I no one can really know when is it going to be the release) and like every time, I've always forgotten to mention it.
The Intruder is a brand new indie survival horror that has been greenlit on Steam not a lot of time ago, and it is going to be released in 2013. Chances you may have already heard of this are high, but I'll anyway drop a couple of words, as I'm truly looking forward to play it as soon as possible. You play as yourself, a terrified guy looking for useful items that can be found around your house in order to be prepared when you'll face the horrific entity that has already threatened you. You don't know what to expect, you just feel like it's going to happen again, and this time, this time you have to be ready! This game appears characterized mainly by the uncertainty, are the weapons you've just found enough to keep you safe? Have you slept enough? Is it worth spending your time barricading doors and windows?
Clearly inspired by Slender, this game brings the survival horror genre to another level, or at least, that's what I'm hoping for.

Keep track of The Intruder on its Steam page on



I really hope the game creator will update us on his progress soon, so we don't think the project is dead.

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