The Dark Meadow, surviving on your iPhone

Firstly, I do not own any apple device, this game has been suggested to me, indirectly tried it and I honestly would love to play it all the way through.
The Dark Meadow is a survival horror title  released for iPhone and iPad nearly one year ago, unlike the majority of these games, The Dark Meadow has its own twists making it unique in terms of quality and mechanics. While exploring spooky and decayed urban settings, you'll come across different foes that will appear in the distance, fortunately, you can actually fight instead of running away like it needs to be done on almost every survival horror game. As the enemy approaches, you'll be in need of changing your stance to melee fighting, switching from your initial crossbow to a hand weapon (don't worry, you'll acquire more weapons along your way). There's also a perfect experience system to keep the action high, it basically means that you shouldn't wait a single moment before jumping right in another fight, otherwise, you won't get better and stronger. If you didn't get it, that means that you're going to face a horrible death. Aside these aspect, add an old man giving you advices on how to survive in the darkness and you have The Dark Meadow, probably the most entertaining iPhone/iPad horror game that has ever been made.
The price is set at $5.99 on the App Store. Take care!


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