Slender 2D, a scary retro interpretation

That's totally what it looks like Katanalevygames released a free 2D version of Slender, by Parsec Productions. Even though you might had enough of it, it feels like the fashion has still yet to die, after the Slenderman's Shadow series, the short film and the new one that has been announced, we were definitely missing a retro-remake.

Being honest, Slender 2D is not that trivial, I was really glad of finding some good jumpscares and even more glad of having at least finished this one. The only problem related to this little game seems to be the managing of the enemy, as a side-scrolling 2D game, our Slenderman can only walk to us or disappear, apparently. With no line of sight nor different directions to take, the key to obtain the 8th page (and win!) is to just keep away from it, having fast reactions when it comes to change directions. Without hesitating a minute more, go get it here.

And good luck!


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