Shadow Tag, a creepy hide and seek

Hello everyone!
Today it's Saturday and between a lot of things to study and to do there's always time to casually play a browser game, especially if it is Shadow Tag.
Shadow Tag is a rather creepy browser game made in 48 hours where you have to control a guy armed with just a flashlight along a maze of hedges in order to reach his car and leave that nasty place. Unfortunately, the car is out of gas and (I wonder how could that happen) his keys are lost somewhere in the garden, in addition, as you go through the levels, the number of "shadow kids" will increase and avoiding to be touched is going to become a hard task. You'll soon realize that waiting in a safe spot can be your worst enemy since the limited battery of your torch will run out, eventually. What to do then?
I went for a full "rushing" approach, that seemed to work good for the first levels but in the end, you'll probably find yourself in need of becoming the tag a fairly amount of times before you can learn the map and track the routes of those nice little figures that want to play with you.

The game is available on:, have fun with it!


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