Rebirth, a pre-alpha trailer

I feel a lot better than yesterday and that's why, today I'm capable of writing a bit about Rebirth, an upcoming survival game.
Even if, by now, the game might look like a mirage (considering that the trailer is filmed using a pre-alpha build), it has truly impressed me.
As stated, the humanity is close to the extinction, nothing looks like the world as we know it, the air is barely breathable and people who used to live in peace are now hunted by unknown terrific creatures. On top of that the developers, Dead Man Walking Studios, are going to make Rebirth a complete game under every aspect, featuring RPG elements, 3rd and 1st person combat, sandbox action and what I'm going to love the most, a realistic social gameplay where you can't actually trust every other person you find.
If everything goes as planned, this is going to be close to a survival simulator, gather resources helped by the daylight, hide during the night and most importantly, stay alive!

If you wish to keep an eye on the developement everything is available at:


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