Papa Sangre, a mixture of sounds for iOS

That's right guys, iPhone and iPad owners, this is entirely for you!
Papa Sangre is a game released in the beginning of 2011 and temporarily taken out from the App Store to give it a major overhaul.
You're in Papa Sangre's place, a mysterious, dark spot where your eyes have never been this useless, in fact, Papa Sangre is a game that involves only the use of the ears, with no video at all, this is how a blind would act when threatened by sinister creatures that probably look worse than how they sound. Someone is in danger, you can clearly hear it, but will you save them and successfully escape from the abyss?
Like it has been said, Papa Sangre is a first person thriller that uses the audio, the real time 3D sound engine can not be that impressive, but you'd better remember that this is played on a handheld device, and this is why the quality is even more noteworthy.

The official site with news on a sequel and the return of Papa 1 on the App Store can be seen HERE.


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