Indie Gala has 5 interesting bundles

Hello folks!
It's always hard to keep track of all the indie games bundles that are always around, between Indie Royale, Humble Indie Bundle and now even Indiegala throwing out not one, but five bundles all at once it's literally a complete mess.
Anyway, I remembered about these bundles just now, when the countdown is already set to a bit more than 2 days, so here's my suggestion, if anything said here appeals you enough buy it instantly, or you will end up like me by saying "ah alright will do it later". Sometimes these offers are more sneaky than a ninja, you don't even realize that you've missed it unless someone reminds you.

But here's what should interest us the most:
  • The Sacred Ghosts Bundle: Beating the average set right now at 3.99€ will unlock, apart from Sacred Gold (purchasable for just 0.99€), Dark Fall: Lost Souls and Ghost Master.
  • The Chtulhu Bundle: giving Call of the Chtulhu: The Wasted Lands for PC, for Android and many more extras that are definitely cool to get considering that you just have to give mor than 2.99€.
  • The TRAUMA Bundle: where just for 2.49€ you'll get one TRAUMA Steam key, 1 GB of original photos, and the breathtaking soundtrack of the game. For more details about TRAUMA you can also read my article here.
Hurry up! There's 2 days left find these offers and much more on the Gala Store!


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