Friendship is 8-bit: Story of the Blanks

Along with a lot of creepypastas regarding My Little Pony world, I'm bringing a little browser game that exists and it is more creepy than what it looks, trust me. Story of the Blanks is a retro-looking 8-bit adventure where you play as Applebloom, a young pretty pony that finds herself trapped with a friend at the end of Evergreen Forest (was it the right name?), while the other pony tries to move the obstructions, a figure catches the eyes of Applebloom.
Following him, you get to a undiscovered place where a lot of other ponies live, and this is where the creepy things start, the NES graphics can't of course replicate true scary scenarios, nor particularly detailed scenes but it seems to be all intended. As a person that has never seen anything about My Little Pony I can honestly say that Story of the Blanks does its work when it comes to make the player feel uncomfortable. After having done a couple of tasks apparently unrelated, Applebloom ends up in a dark house where it seems that something has scared her like nothing before, going back the setting has changed, there are no more pretty houses and, where are all those coloured ponies that you've met a couple of minutes before? You'll find out...

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