Flippin' Dead, don't get caught!

Howdy, yesterday night I came across this simple browser game which has the potential to become incredibly addicting. We're talking about Flippin' Dead, a browser game made by Juicy Beast enhanced by an uncommon, yet somewhat, lovely 2D graphics. You control a orange bear ended up in a place where there are zombies spawning everywhere, Flippin' Dead is all about good reflexes and avoidance, don't get touched and collect the crates containing points. Every once in a while, a pink crate will appear, giving you the power of eating the enemies for a limited amount of time (no, this is not pac-man) and that, is the only way to have enough space to survive until the next rainbow kicks in. As the game proceeds, more power-ups will be available, turning the game into a fast paced arcade extremely fun to play. But don't take the game too seriously, remember that you're controlling a bear with sunglasses!

Flippin' Dead can be played online here. Have fun with it!


Vague Raconteur

I love the cartoon style of the zombies.

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