Euthanasia, free horror-action game

Hello and welcome back!
This morning I'm going to be spending some time talking about this free game that I came across yesterday evening, even if it seems like it was released over two years ago, I never seen anyone knowing anything about it. And these, are the games that you find browsing for hours Youtube.
Anyway, Euthanasia is a first person free horror-action game made in FPS Creator, a tool that has been already covered in my article about The Briefcase. The story says that you, as Shaun Randall, had a pretty standard life till the day of a terrific car accident where, unfortunately, you lost both your legs. Apparently, you couldn't stand anymore at what you became and after having tried to commit suicide you've been taken to a mental hospital, where, after a bit, a doctor who understood perfectly your feelings decides to give you an deadly injection. Euthanasia, speaks about your last dream before dying.
Putting aside the story, I'm quite sure that Euthanasia, without being a top notch videogame in its genre, can anyway entertain you for a bit, you just have to keep in mind that visual bugs may occur along with other disruptions, enjoying objectively this game is only up to you!

The free download can be found here.


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