Ether One, a promising indie

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Today we're going to introduce an upcoming game that, having seen the trailer and various screenshots, you're undoubtedly going to love. This is Ether One by White Paper Games, a 2-man indie development studio based in the UK born straight after their MA in Games Design. Ether One is going to be only the first part (out of two) of an immersive first person adventure that may be categorized as science fiction where you, impersonating a restorer, are going to start a journey in the world of the confused Jean's mind in order to fix her mental problems. You can't remember why you've been sent to help this mysterious woman, nor your own identity, the only thing you could hope for, is to recover your personal information while actually discovering what happened to Jean's memories. While wandering in this physic representation of her mind you'll have to complete puzzles, retrieve marked stones that should represent the deep corner of every memory and much more, including the ability to choose different endings. Powered by UDK game engine, Ether One is really a game that deserves an eye kept on it.

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