Almond-Hill: a free, short horror game

Hello creepygamers, how's going?
Today, just before going to sleep, I discovered this recent horror release, which is quite hard to describe, to be honest. Almond-Hill is a short horror game based on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories released by Samer Khatib or better, SnowConeSolid, the 28th of October. The developer clearly stated that this was not going to be an extremely high quality work, in fact, this was a happy ended project of "learn by doing". While it wasn't clearly started as a horror project, many circumstances, including Halloween, turned it into what we are going to play.
You play as Felix, the owner of a cat that has escaped, you'll easily realize that your pet is stuck on a tree and you will need a bit of exploration of the small gloomy environment to figure out a way to take him down.
Before complaining about the bugs that certainly will be there, remember what have I said before and most importantly, tell him directly what should be fixed, I'm sure he'll be glad to hear some feedback.

Support the indie developers and download Almond-Hill for free here!


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