The Graveyard, on your Android phone.

I'd start by saying that The Graveyard is not properly a game, but since I came across this pretty nice (let's call it) app, I thought I could still throw a couple of lines about it.
The Graveyard was firstly meant to be a PC game but then, after having been the finalist of 2009 IGF innovation award the Belgian indie studio Tale of Tales released the title on iOS and then, just in the end of the last year on Android.
I got an Android device myself so I'm giving my honest opinion through the eyes of someone that hasn't tried it on apple devices, nor computers.
The title comes in two versions, the free one and the paid one (which is anyway 1.99$). As I said, The Graveyard is not what I would call a game, in fact, it is something more like an interactive fiction where the only thing you can do, as the slow granny in the picture, is to walk around in this silent cemetery, sit on a bench and listen to a chilling tune. But here comes the most intriguing part, why do we have a free and a paid version?
Well, in the paid version there's a chance that, while trying to get up, the old woman dies. And this is it, no explanation, nothing else to do, you're dead and being honest, I found this somewhat creepy.

Find it on Google Play, or also in the Apple App Store.


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