Some history of Survival Horrors and, possibly the future

Today I woke up with a weird feeling, I wanted to write a new article but I also wanted it to be different. I apologize in advance, this is not about a specific game, this is all about teaching some history (hope it won't be boring).

Survival Horror: the term specifies games focused on surviving that rely on the heavy atmosphere to scare the player. This has nothing to do with the mechanics of these games, in fact, most of the times a survival horror is part of the action or the graphical adventure genres.
Almost everyone consider Alone in the Dark (1992) as the forefather of the entire genre, even if the name was coined some time later; others, keep on thinking that everything started from Clock Tower for the Super Nintendo (1995) or also the Splatterhouse series made by Capcom.

Survival Horror was then used for the first time by Capcom when they released Resident Evil in 1996 which was intended to be a remake of Sweet Home (1989), no one could ever think that Resident Evil was going to grow that much in popularity. Since then, lots of other producers sought their fortune in this field, leading the genre to it's golden age (early 2000s). By that time, games such as Silent Hill (considered the most successful survival horror of all time) and Clock Tower 2 were published.

After some years of decadence, the genre had a new peak starting approximately from the first appearance of F.E.A.R (2005), followed by Dead Space (2008) which combined the idea of survival horror with science fiction for the first time. Nowadays, Resident Evil series went up to the 6th episode, Dead Space had its sequel and everything looks stable.
What people most of the time ignore or better, don't have the chance to see, is the explosive indipendent game scene that started to grow during the last few years since the release of the known Penumbra series and, on top of everything, Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
Who knows how many games as good as the ones listed above are being created, they might also be out somewhere waiting for the big audience to come, and here is what am I doing here, take a look around and discover the dark room where all the non-advertised survival horrors are left.


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