Outlast, a new survival horror brought to us by veterans

After having read a bit about the titular game, I really had to share what I learnt about this upcoming survival horror called Outlast.
The release date is set in 2013 and it's being developed by Red Barrels, a new canadian indie studio. What's really promising is the experience behind them, Red Barrels counts on people coming from big releases like Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed and even Splinter Cell.
Outlast will push the Unreal engine to its limits creating some stunning graphics that can compete with the most recent videogames and, as the trailer just below here shows, the final product is going to be a real masterwork.

Said so, Outlast is the story of a journalist sent to a recently re-opened asylum situated in the mountains of Colorado, unfortunately for him, he will end up by understanding the real purpose of the structure. Is there anything more suspicious than an old mental illness institute coming back to life to serve the researches and the charity? Probably not.

It will be a long road till summer 2013, the game can still significantly improve but anyway, we might just keep an eye on this, right?


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