Missed Stop, a dark walking simulator

Missed Stop by Dylan Schneider is an unsettling walking simulator. Or at least, I can't think of any better way of describing it. You get to explore a strange world made of dark, sharp buildings that can be climbed if you're into that. The only thing that doesn't seem to mesh well with the grim scenario is the house that stands in the middle of the rather limited area. It's mysterious, and it doesn't seem to serve any purpose. The soundtrack made me feel like something really terrible was about to happen. But it may have been just me.

Download Missed Stop on itch.io for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Speeding through Moto-G's demo

It's Moto-G by Tonytalent, an early build of a racing game that takes place in a surreal city. It's almost as if you're seeing everything through a kaleidoscope, and the strange shapes of the buildings surely strengthen that feeling. There's no sound unfortunately, but I've been doing alright listening to this in the background. Try it. It may work for you as well.

You can play it online on itch.io.

GOLDAK, prisoner of an unfair surreal world

Insanely creepy despite its abstractness. GOLDAK by Gigoia Studios is a surreal action platformer where you have to guide a strange entity (it's a sphere, really) through 6 3D levels. You're prisoner of this world, but through the meticulous retrieval of several prisms, you should hopefully be able to escape. Aside in the starting level, I haven't found a lot of success. The controls are a little bit slippery, and even when you manage to overcome an obstacle, new ones appear. Some of them are legitimately unfair.

GOLDAK can be acquired for free, it's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux on itch.io.

Encore, clap your hands

Encore is a first person experimental game developed by Ansh Patel. It can last for anywhere between 20 seconds and several hours. In fact, the game is quite an interesting one-button experience that aims to portray the end of a show you witnessed. Mashing the Spacebar makes your blue hands clap, and that will prevent the game from ending. On the other hand, if you stop doing it the character you're only partially controlling will slowly move towards the exit. The visual transition between the two stances is almost unsettling. And the sound that varies from being incredibly muffled to crystal clear as you clap, makes Encore a game that you can't miss.

Grab it for free on itch.io or Game Jolt.

Dämmerung depicts the act of torturing prisoners

Dämmerung, by Outlands, depicts the brutal interrogation of 8 prisoners that are supposed to know when the next terrorist attack of "the North" will take place. It's a first person minimalistic experience, and before every interrogation, the walk you're forced to take in front of the convicts looks extraordinarily cruel. No one will survive. You will slowly kill everyone through a system of choices that include inhuman tortures. You won't see anything, however. Dämmerung imagery is aseptic, the characters are dehumanized.

Download Dämmerung for free on itch.io.
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